Strawberry Die for Presses

$ 11.99

This die is compatible with the KAM® table top presses only.

The strawberry cap die is used for installing the Strawberry KAM® Snap caps (sold separately here).


  • The DK93 / DK98 cap die has a smooth shank that drops into the base of the table top press.
  • The DK93 cap die is approximately 3/4" in diameter.
  • The DK98 cap die is approximately 1/2" in diameter.

DK93 and DK98 cap dies are not interchangeable. It is important to select the appropriate cap die.


  1. The cap die is the piece placed into the base of the table top press. This piece cradles the cap while installing plastic snaps.



  • Compatible only with the KAM® DK93 / DK98 Table Top Presses.
  • For installing KAM® strawberry plastic snaps only.
  • Correct die selection required for particular need.