KAM Dies for Pronged Studs (Double Sided Snaps)

$ 14.99

The KAM® dies for pronged studs (double sided snaps) are used for installing KAM® plastic snaps with a prong (snaps sold separately)


  • Dies for pronged studs are compatible only with installing KAM® Pronged Stud plastic snaps (double sided snaps).
  • DK001 die is only compatible with the DK001 KAM® hand held pliers.
  • DK93 die is only compatible with the KAM® DK93 press:
    • The DK93 die shank screws into the top of the table top press.
  • DK98 dies are only compatible with the KAM® DK98 press:
    • The DK98 die shank is smooth and inserts into the top of the table top press, held in place with an Allen screw.
  • All dies are for the size 20 KAM® Pronged Stud Plastic Snaps (double sided snaps)


    • Compatible only with the KAM® DK93 / DK98 Table Top Presses or DK001 Hand Held Pliers .
    • For installing pronged stud (double sided) plastic snaps only.