KAM® Professional Table Press #DK93

$ 77.95

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  • Listing for one DK93 KAM Table Top Press
  • (optional) 3-piece die set (screw-in shank)
  • (optional) Awl tool (sharp tool)

KAM Table Top Presses are perfect for professionals and hobbyist alike. KAM presses apply snaps with greater speed, efficiency, accuracy, and with an overall cleaner look. Table top presses are also a great alternative to pliers for those with arthritis, those having difficulty with snap setting accuracy, or those with a high volume of items with snaps.

KAM Table Top Presses use dies. There are separate dies for plastic snaps, metal snaps, and grommets. One discounted die set for plastic snaps is available with each press purchase. Dies for metal snaps and grommets must be purchased separately. Note that the press requires dies to function.

For plastic snaps, there are separate dies for the cap, socket, and stud, which comprises a complete three-piece set. The cap die sits in the base of the press, while the socket and stud dies alternate into the top of the press.

DK93 dies are considered screw-in shank dies. This means they are screwed into the press with no additional tools needed.

(Optional) The awl tool is a sharp tool used for piercing fabric to effortlessly install snaps without tearing or damaging the fabric. The awl is perfect for knit, woven, fleece, PUL, and other fabrics. Choose between our plastic handled awl (approx. 5.5-inches long) and our wooden handled awl (approx. 5-inches long). Note that these tools are sharp and should be handled with care and kept out of reach of children.

  • If you purchase a press with the option for "No Dies," the press will not come with any dies and will not be functional.
  • Dies from other press models or styles and plier dies are not compatible with the KAM Table Top Presses.
  • KAM Table Top Presses are industrial machines and may have minor scratches, chipped or flaked paint, nicks, dust, rust, grease, or other minor cosmetic imperfections due to the shipping process. These cosmetic imperfections will NOT hinder the function of the press.
  • Presses and dies arrive pre-oiled and should be wiped down before use to avoid transferring the oil or greases to projects.
  • Should a press be defective and does not function, refunds, replacements, and exchanges are available within the first 14-days of receipt.
  • Kimmy Snabric™ disclaims all implied warranties as permitted by law.

NOTE: Size 20 plastic snaps are the most commonly used KAM snap size by hobbyist and entrepreneurs making children's clothing, cloth diapers and cloth pads and is the size most widely carried by Kimmy Snabric™.