Heart Glossy KAM® Snap

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Heart snaps are the perfect addition to children's garments and other projects. They are easy to attach with our Handheld Pliers or Presses designed for plastic snaps. 

These are genuine KAM® brand snaps with the KAM® trademark stamped on the cap underside.

  • A Full Set comes with 1-Heart cap, 1-Round cap, 1-Socket (female), 1-Stud (male).
  • KAM® plastic resin snaps are CPSIA compliant.

This is a FINAL SALE products and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Read Disclaimer tab for full details.

CHOKING HAZARD: Small Parts - Keep away from children under 3 years and pets.

Size Info
  • Size 20 (T5), most popular size.
  • Prong length: 5.6mm (7/32") - Standard / Regular Prong
  • Best uses: 1 layer-Fleece, multiple layers of fabric, and other medium-thick projects.

ATTENTION: It is important to use the appropriate prong length for your material. Snaps that are too long will not properly close and snaps that are too short will fall off.

Care Info
  • Machine wash on cold or warm.
  • Dry on medium-low heat.
  • Do not rub in washer/dryer. Protect with other clothing or place into a pillowcase to preserve snap color and design.
  • Do not put into high temperatures.
  • Do not store snaps in sunlight. This will promote color bleaching and snaps will become brittle.
  • Not microwavable.
  • Do not iron.
Additional Info
  • Full Set = 1-Shaped cap, 1-Round cap, 1-Socket (female), 1-Stud (male)
  • Metallic snaps have a special pigment which make it more susceptible to breakage with excess force.
  • Hearts and Stars are more susceptible to cracking with excess force due to the angles.
  • Heart snaps are more susceptible to cracking down the center due to their shape. Use caution when installing. Do not use excess force.
  • All snaps are packaged by weight, so count is approximate. While we have accurate scales that are spot on most of the time and are checked for accuracy frequently, you may occasionally end up with one or two less or one or two more pieces.
  • All snaps are labeled with color code and name for your quick and easy referencing. 


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