100ct CAPS B47 Neon Pink 2nd Amendment Engraved Gloss KAM Snaps Size 20 - CLEARANCE

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ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON CLEARANCE ITEMS. These items do not qualify for returns or exchanges.


  • Size 20 KAM® snaps
  • Engraved gloss finished design by Kimmy Snabric™
  • Standard Prong (5.6mm)

Spice up your project a bit with Kimmy Snabric™ engraved KAM snaps! Add them to clothing, cloth diapers, cloth pads, and so much more.

Size 20 KAM snaps are the most popular and most widely used size for cloth diaper making, infant and children's clothing, and household crafts.

All Kimmy Snabric™ KAM snaps have been lead tested and are CPSIA compliant.

MATCHING PIECES, sockets and studs, come in the color of the cap when purchasing a full set. To purchase solid colored caps, sockets, or studs individually, visit our Sockets, Studs, and Caps page.


  • Wash in machine at cold or warm temperatures
  • Dry in machine on low or medium
  • Do not iron or apply high heats


  • One Full Set = 1 socket (female), 1 stud (male), and 2 caps (one engraved cap and one plain cap)
  • Metallic snaps have a special pigment which make it more susceptible to breakage with excess force.
  • Hearts and Stars are more susceptible to cracking with excess force due to the angles.


  • All snaps are packaged by weight, so count is approximate. While we have accurate scales that are spot on most of the time and are checked for accuracy frequently, you may occasionally end up with one or two less or one or two more pieces.
  • All snaps are labeled with color code and name for your quick and easy referencing. 


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