B40 Pumpkin Gloss KAM Snap Sz20 Short Prong

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Listing For: B40 Pumpkin gloss finish KAM® snap - Short (4.6mm) Prong - Size 20

Short prong KAM® snap cap prongs are approximately 4.6mm long. These short-pronged caps are perfect for thinner projects such as PUL fabrics, woven fabrics, single layered knit fabrics, bibs, and more.

Purchase the package size right for you and your project(s). One full set consists of 2-caps, 1-socket, 1-stud. Individual pieces (caps, sockets, or studs) contain only those pieces specified. 

These size 20 KAM® snaps have a glossy finish and a short size prong (4.6mm) length. Size 20 KAM snaps are the most popular and most widely used KAM® snap size.

All Kimmy Snabric™ KAM® snaps have been lead tested and are CPSIA compliant.

These are genuine KAM® snaps with the KAM® trademark stamped on the cap underside.



  • One Full Set = 1 socket (female), 1 stud (male), and 2 caps
  • Caps = only cap pieces
  • Metallic snaps have a special pigment which make it more susceptible to breakage with excess force.
  • Hearts and Stars are more susceptible to cracking with excess force due to the angles.


  • All snaps are packaged by weight, so count is approximate. While we have accurate scales that are spot on most of the time and are checked for accuracy frequently, you may occasionally end up with one or two less or one or two more pieces.
  • All snaps are labeled with color code and name for your quick and easy referencing. 
  • These are authentic KAM® snaps manufactured by KAM®. All caps contain the registered trademark stamp of KAM® on the underside.contain the registered trademark stamp of KAM on the underside. 
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