Remember Jacky Collection

"She wanted to be normal but it was impossible because she was extraordinary."

In the month of March, 100% of the profits from this Remember Jacky Collection
will be donated to Jacky Leader's parents to help pay for her medical bills and funeral expenses.
A percentage of all other product sales will also be donated to her parents. 

About the Collection: The "Remember Jacky" products were designed specifically with Jacky in mind. When asked what her favorite color was, she would always respond with "Christmas Lights." Jacky LOVED Christmas lights! The Neon Green heart was adopted by her favorite Facebook group, Quilting Unites Us, because neon green was determined to be the brightest neon color and Jacky was all heart! Jacky loved everything neon and was sure to let everyone know that "Neon is a neutral color", so we have decided to not only offer a Neon Green Heart, but ALL the Neon Hearts!

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