Gingerbread Man KAM® Two-Toned Engraved

$ 3.95

Additional pieces (sockets, studs, solid caps) sold separately HERE.


  • Size 20 KAM® snaps
  • Two-Toned Engraved Designs by Kimmy Snabric™ (Original KS snap design as of August 2020)
  • Standard prong (5.6mm)

Two-Toned Engraved KAM® snaps are the perfect addition to any project for adding a “wow” factor! Add them to clothing, crafts, cloth diapers, cloth pads, and so much more.

Kimmy Snabric™ two-toned engraved KAM® snaps are exclusive designs.

Size 20 KAM® snaps are the most popular and most widely used size for children’s clothing, cloth diapers, cloth pads, and household crafts.

All Kimmy Snabric™ KAM® snaps have been lead tested and are CPSIA compliant.


Sockets and studs come in the color of the cap color and NOT the color of the engraved image. The cap post is the color of the engraved image. (see listing images or contact us with questions)


    • All snaps are packaged by weight, so count is approximate. While we have accurate scales that are checked frequently, you may occasionally end up with one or two less or one or two more pieces. No refunds, exchanges, or additional pieces shipped will be given for slightly off counts.
    • All snaps are labeled with color code and name for your quick and easy referencing.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Selina Babineau

    Sooooooo happy I got these because they’re too darn cute! So much so I don’t want to use any so I can hoard them all! 😁

    Norma Thomas

    This snap is perfect for towels , bracelets, key fobs. Fast delivery and easy to install.