Free Cloth Diaper PDF Patterns & Tutorials

Free Cloth Diaper PDF Patterns & Tutorials

In 2008, cloth diapers took a turn and started becoming popular again. Some of the reasons believed for this turn was due to the change in cloth diaper design, concern for the environment, the new ease of use... and so on. To read more about the popularity of cloth diapers, visit 6 Reason Why Cloth Diapers Are Making a Comeback.

Here is a list of Free Cloth Diaper PDF Patterns and tutorials. There are many different styles of cloth diapers listed here, so take a look at them all and find the one that suits you best. When you find the one you like, head on over to the Kimmy Snabric homepage to purchase the fabric and snap supplies you'll need. 

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AIO All-in-One
FOE Fold Over Elastic
NB Newborn
NB-S Newborn to Small
S-L Small to Large
Sm Small
XXS Extra Extra Small


Arfy's NB-Sm FOE Cover

Arfy's NB-Sm FOE Cover with Umbilical Cord Snap

Arfy's NB Serged Fitted

Arfy's NB-S Serged Fitted

Arfy's One Size Round Wing

Arfy's Ruffled Leg Fitted 1

Arfy's Ruffled Leg Fitted 2

Arfy's Serged NB AIO

Arfy's Sized Fitteds

Arfy's S-L FOE Cover

Aquarius Swim Diaper

Baa Baa Baby Side Snap Diaper

Backwoods Home Diaper

Cloth Revolution Diaper

Cookies Pants Sized Diaper Pattern

Darling Diapers Newborn Fitted Pattern

Faux Fuzzis Diaper

Faux gDiaper

Fitted Cover with Gussets Tutorial

Fitted Diaper Tutorial

Hip Snappy Nappy

Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker Patterns

Little Starters XXS Cloth Diaper

Mama Can Do It Fitted Diaper

Mock Grobaby Simple Diaper

Non-Serged Prefitted

Peek-A-Boo Pocket Diaper

Prefold Diapers

Prefold Cloth Diaper

Pull-on Fleece Diaper Cover

Rita's Rump Cover Diaper

Rita's Rump Cover Pocket Diaper

Rocket Bottom NB Fitted Diaper

Simple Diapers Free Pattern Downloads

Simplex Style AIO Diaper with Pocket Tongue

Snap-in OS Soaker

Studio Tuumat Sized Diaper

The Happy Network Diapers & Tutorials

T&T Doll Diaper

T&T Keychain Diaper

Waterproof Pocket Diaper M-L

Waterproof Training Pants

Wee Weka Diapers, Trainers, & Covers

Witty Diapers OS Hip Closure

Wool-in-two Trainer Pants


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