Remove Plastic Snaps

Remove Plastic Snaps

There are several different ways plastic snap buttons can be removed. However, there are better and safer ways than others. Here, I will explain four different ways you can remove plastic snaps from your items.

The four snap removal methods I will explain are:

  1. Needle nose pliers
  2. Wire or Cable cutters / Nail clippers
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. KAM Removal Pliers

Needle Nose Plier Method:

To remove the snap using needle nose pliers, you will need to work carefully to grip the smashed prong in the center of the socket / stud. (gripping the prong within the stud will be harder than gripping the prong within the socket) 

Work carefully to squeeze all around the prong diameter until you can work the snap free. 

NOTE: Be careful! It is easy to damage fabric using this removal method.

Wire or Cable Cutters / Nail Clippers

To remove the snap using wire cutters, carefully cut away at the smashed prong in the center of the socket / stud. 

When enough of the prong has been cut away, the socket or stud should pop off easily.


Soldering Iron Method

Out of all of the removal methods, this is the one to be most careful with. This method can injure you, injure children, or damage projects. 


Be sure to use a soldiering iron stand. The iron heats up rapidly and to a very high degree. You will not want it touching anything but what you want burned.

Turn the iron ON.

Carefully, touch the smashed prong in the center of the socket / stud. Melt the prong until the socket or stud can be removed.



KAM Removal Plier Method

Out of all the removal methods, this is the safest, easiest, and quickest. This removal method will not damage your projects either.

KAM Removal Pliers can be purchased HERE.

The KAM Removal Pliers have been designed to punch a hole through the snaps and expel the discarded center out of the bottom.

Switch out the die pieces in the bottom to accommodate removing either the socket or the stud.

There you have it! Now you know how to remove plastic snaps. 

Be careful and happy snapping!