How to Assemble a DK98 KAM Snap Table Top Press

How to Assemble a DK98 KAM Snap Table Top Press

Good news! It's rather simple...

The step-by-step instructions with pictures below run you through how to put this piece of machinery together. 

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Let's get started:



These are the pieces you should receive with your DK98 Table Top Press:

  • Press Body

  • Press Handle

  • Bolt (1)

  • Nut (1)

  • Washer (2)

  • Hex Wrench

  • Dies (sometimes purchased separately - Socket / Stud / Cap)

Keep in mind, these are commercial pieces of machinery and often times come with cosmetic blemishes. Unless the machine comes rusted, these cosmetic blemishes are purely cosmetic and do not inhibit functionality. 

These machines will have oil and grease on it, especially in the areas that require lube. It is recommended you give the machine a quick wipe with a dry rag before installing snaps. Any grease and grime left on the machine will transfer to your project and may damage it. 


One side of the handle will have a definite circle (as seen on the left side above).

This is the side that inserts into the press body.

Unscrew the nut from the bolt and remove only one washer.

Insert the hand handle into the top of the press body, lining up the press body holes and the handle holes.

Push the bolt through the holes to secure the handle. This may require some wiggling of the handle and bolt.

Once the handle is secured with the bolt, place the washer onto the bolt and secure everything with the nut.

Test the handle to make sure the nut is tight enough. Your handle should not wiggle from side to side.

The top piece of the press will have a spot for the hex wrench. This is where the socket and stud dies are inserted.

Use the hex wrench to loosen the screw.

Insert the socket or stud die, hold it in place while you tighten the screw with the hex wrench.

Make sure the screw is tight and the die is secure so it does not fall out while snaps are being installed.

The socket die (right) has a protruding part, the stud die (left) has an inverted part.

For more about installing snaps and identifying which dies go with which snap pieces, visit our blog HERE.

The cap die drops into the bottom of the press.

Once the dies are installed, this is what it should look like.

Good Job!

Now you're reading to get snapping!



KAM DK-98: How to Assemble the Table Top Snap Press

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