Installing Plastic Snaps

Installing Plastic Snaps

How Do I Attach, or Install, KAM Plastic Snaps?

Installing plastic KAM snaps is very easy, and becomes easier the longer you use them. What once took a little skill to make sure installed properly, can now be done with my eyes closed.


  • All you need to get started are some pliers and plastic snaps. Starter Sets can be purchased HERE, plain plastic snaps can be purchased HERE, and KAM pliers can be purchased HERE. 
  • For heavier duty application, you can install snaps with the KAM Table-Top Press. The press can be purchased HERE.


What is the difference between using snap pliers and a snap press?

Snap pliers are a cheaper alternative to installing plastic snaps. They are a great choice if you are on a budget or plan for an occasional use. If you plan to install a lot of snaps, use them for commercial resale products, or you wish to use it for the versatility of installing plastic snaps, metal snaps, and grommets, the table-top press is the better option.  

 Plier Pros

 Plier Cons

 Affordable Requires hand strength / Not easy on arthritis
Comes with dies for different sized snaps Small clearance 
Compatible with other snap brands Cannot install metal snaps
Lightweight Snap installation may not be uniform
Compact / Takes up little space Not for installing large amounts of snaps
Portable / Can travel with
Does not require much arm & shoulder strength

     Table-Top Press Pros

     Table-Top Press Cons

    Can attach plastic snaps, metal snaps, and grommets (appropriate dies needed) More expensive than pliers
    Larger clearance than pliers Dies must be purchased separately to install different sized snaps, metal snaps, or grommets
    Can install large amounts of snaps Dies must be switched out to install sockets and studs
    Installs snaps more uniformly  Heavier
    Not easily traveled with
    Requires arm and shoulder strength


    For more information on the different table-top presses offered, go HERE.

     The following instructions is a step-by-step on installing plastic KAM snaps.


    • Use an awl (sharp poker tool) to first create a hole in the fabrics. 
      • This prevents rips from occurring in the fabric due to stress.

    • Insert the cap's prong (protruding part) into the hole you just created using the awl.

    • Place the socket (female part / inverted piece) hole, or stud (male part / protruding part) hole, around the protruding prong.

    • Use snap pliers, or snap press, to flatten the prong into place. This will creat a barrier over the socket/stud hole to secure the two pieces in place.

    NOTE: It is important to properly flatten the prong or the two pieces will separate from each other immediately or over time. Prongs that have not been properly flattened can also cause problems with closure, especially after washing and drying since heat can cause expansion. (see image below for the correct and incorrect flattening)

    • You can use KAM snap pliers to install snaps.


    • Or, you can use a KAM snap press to install snaps.


  • When using a table-top press, be sure the rubber part of the die bulges to ensure proper installation.
  • There should be a "click" noise as you snap and unsnap. 

    Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you now know how to properly install KAM plastic snaps. If you have other questions, please check out my other blog posts for Trouble Shooting and Removing Plastic Snaps. Also, feel free to leave your questions in the comments.

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    Happy Snapping!