TuTu Cute Tutorial

TuTu Cute Tutorial

If you read my last post about a snap on Super Hero cape, then welcome back to part 2 of a functional everyday Super Hero outfit!

My daughter loves Super Girl and we decided that for it to be the best Super Girl outfit, Little Miss needed a sparkly tutu skirt.

I wanted a simple quick tutu style skirt that wouldn't take a ton of time to create. If you have a serger, this tutorial is very fast (cut to on the body within 15 minutes). It will take a tad longer if you decide to hem using a regular sewing machine or decide to fold under your serged lines and hem.



Sewing Machine




Scissors or cutting mat and rotary cover



I made this for my little her measurements are height 40 inches and waist 19.

I cut the elastic to 18 inches so that there would be some stretch but allow plenty of play time wearing the tutu.

I measured my daughter and asked how long she wanted the tutu and she roughly pointed out about 11 inches, I doubled this plus added 1 inch for the elastic casing. I also doubled her waist measurement so there would be fullness in the skirt. My fabric measurements for my 4 year old were 22in x 40in. You should have a long rectangle


I serged each of the sides of the fabric. You may decide you prefer to hem with a sewing machine, if so make sure that you add enough length to each of the sides to cover the turning folding over and hemming (if I had hemmed my daughter's I would have added an additional inch this way when I fold at 1/4 inch then folded again the raw edge would be enclosed and the hemline would be the same length I originally intended.) Next you will fold your fabric in half, with the fabric wrong sides together either iron or press the fold so that it is nice and flat.

Next you will knot your elastic and slide it along the fold you ironed. Clip or pin your elastic to the fabric on one side, place your needle setting at 1 inch from the fold and pull your elastic taught as you sew.

Pulling taut as you sew when you get to the end of the fabric you will clip or pin your elastic and you should have a piece that looks like the photo below.


Now you will piece your elastic together sewing a box or x on the elastic to attach it together.

Now arrange your tutu skirt to cover the elastic and overlap the edges. There should be enough fullness of the skirt that you won't see the edges.

Let me know how you liked this blog post, and what you would like to see next!

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