Tissue Holder Tutorial

Tissue Holder Tutorial

It's back to school time and time for all those fun germs to hitch a ride on to our kiddos and make them ill. My kids are constantly asking for 2 things this time of year, tissues and hand sanitizer. Today we are going to be making a tissue holder that clips to the backpack for easy finding. So lets get started!


Supply list:


Interfacing (if you are using knit fabric you will need it interface your fabric, I did not use it for the woven fabrics I used for this tutorial)


Key ring, carabiner clip, or hook

Pocket tissue packs (the 4.5x 2.5 inch size)

tissue packs

This project is designed to take 5-15 minutes be a very quick sew and a scrap buster.

For the fabric I used cotton wovens from Spring Creatives for this project, Palace Pets and Best Friends Are Magical from the shop.

1.) You will take your fabric and cut 5 pieces that measure 4.5 x 6.5 inches. and one that measures 2 x 4 inches (this will be the loop to allow you to hang your holder from a backpack, purse etc. If you don't want it hang from anything you can eliminate this piece.)

5 alternating fabrics on an ironing board Here you can see my 5 pieces of fabric to create the body of the tissue holder.


















































































2x4 loop piece





Here is the loop fabric. We are going to start with this piece then set it to the side during the construction of the tissue holder.




2.) Using the piece for the loop, fold in half (wrong sides together) meeting the two long sides and iron. You will then open up the tab and fold the raw edges to meet in the center fold you just created. Your piece should now have no long side raw edges. Stitch down along the red line I indicated in the photo below.

Once you have completed this step you can set this piece aside as we will begin constructing the tissue holder now.

3.) Using the 5 pieces that are 4.5 x 6.5 inches, you will fold 2 of the pieces lengthwise and 2 of them width wise,  wrong sides together. These pieces will create the front portion of your holder.

4.) Next was the most time consuming part because my daughter picked 2 different fabrics. I wanted to make sure I was displaying each fabric the best I could, so I flipped the pieces back and forth trying to figure out what would show best for it. Look at your pieces and determine which is going to be the side that faces out on the front of your holder and we are going to basket weave the 4 pieces together. You'll place a top piece (long piece) then a side piece (short piece) then the bottom and the last side. When you place the last side you will have to tuck the piece under the top long piece. ***** MAKE SURE ALL RAW EDGES ARE TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RECTANGLE AND THE FOLDS ARE TO THE INSIDE!

5.) Next we will grab our loop we made from step 1 and place it on the front of the tissue holder. I opted for closer to the corner for my daughter's holder and my son has asked for his loop to be in the middle for his. You can place it anywhere you would like. In this photo I lined the loop up with the edge of the fabric, when completing the next step, I actually left a slight overhang to ensure both pieces are caught in the seam allowance.

6.) Once you have figured out your loop placement, you will now add your 5th piece of fabric and pin or clip the pieces together, right sides together this time. Make sure to clip or pin your loop well so that when you sew in the next step you can ensure that it is fully attached.

7.) Sew 1/4inch seam along the outside of your rectangle. You can finish your seams however you like. For speed, I ended up serging around my original seam but you can use pinking shears or a zigzag stitch with your sewing machine and trim up any extra fabric to make turning right side out easier and for the holder to lay flatter when not in use.

8.) Turn your holder right side out making sure to push out the corners well. I like using a long bodkin but anything will work.

9.) I like to give everything a final press, after that CONGRATULATIONS you are all done!


Put your tissues in and add your clip of choice.


And get it clipped to where every you want to use it! Make sure to show us in the Facebook Group if you decide to follow the tutorial we would love to see your makes!


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