Snap On Super Hero Cape

Snap On Super Hero Cape

We love Super Heros. Superman and Batman are the biggest winners in our house. A couple of years ago, I found a shirt similar to the one below for my son and every time he wears it, my daughter begs for one for her. So I set off trying to figure out how we could make that happen.

Armed with snaps and costume satin from the shop, I started with creating an everyday play outfit that embodies Super Girl for my super girl. 

First up is the cape. This tutorial is designed to be snap off and attach any shirt that you would like to attach the cape to (be that store bought or handmade). What is nice about this is that it will allow you to remove the cape for washing. This is a great item to make for kiddo gifts or in this case for a quick costume for school!

***** The measurements for this project are for approximately a size 3t cape that will hit at about hip level******


Half yard of fabric for size 3, you may need more depending on the size and length of cape you would like to add to your child's shirt

Small bit of interfacing

Pressing cloth


Sewing machine

Cutting mat and scissors or rotary cutter

 Snaps and snap press

1. Measure your child. Using my child for measurements for this project, O is 40 inches tall. When I asked her to point to where she wanted the cape to end, she pointed to hip level so I measured her and added 1 inch to the measurement and came up with 18 inches. Next, I measured her shoulders and hips. Where I wanted to have the snaps hit was roughly 11 inches apart with widening out to close to roughly her hip width, which is 19 inches. This would allow a cape that attaches narrowly but has swing.

3.  Now we will mark the top and bottom of the fabric for the width for the top and bottom of the fabric. I marked the bottom first, cutting my fabric along the sides to create 2 rectangles of fabric roughly 19 inches x 18 inches. The 19 inch side is the bottom.

4. I found the center of the top and marked it then measured 6 inches from each side of the mark and pinned. From there I used an 23 inch quilting ruler to measure from the shoulder snap to the bottom corner. I added 1/4 inch then cut down the ruler. Your cape should look like the one below.

5. Now we will create a neck curve so there won't be folding along the neckline once attached to the shoulders. I measured out 3/4 on each top corner and marked with a pencil on the fabric the shape I thought looked correct. See image below

6. Now we will pin the cape pieces right side together and sew together. Sewing with a 1/4 inch seam allowance sew all the way around making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitching and leaving a turn hole that is 2-3 inches long. I added some interfacing to where the Xs are to reinforce where we are placing the snaps. For this you just need a small amount, 2 pieces roughly 1 inch x 1 inch.

7. Turn your cape right side out and press (or iron depending on your material) and top stitch at 1/8 inch, making sure to close the hole that you left open when stitching the cape together.


8. Now you are ready to add snaps! You will add them in the same place you put your interfacing.

9. Line your cape up to the shoulders of which ever shirt you are using and place the other half of the snap so that the cape can be attached or removed.


Congratulations you are now finished with your Super Hero Cape shirt!

Check back soon for the tutorial on the tutu used to complete this happy super hero's look!

Leave a comment on how you liked this DIY tutorial, or what you would like to see next!


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